Crave Libraries

Another cool initiative I became aware of at Annual is the Crave Libraries project. Skokie PL’s Toby Greenwalt appeared to give me these two buttons. What a wonderful promotion and way of thinking!

Find out more here:

But know that the project is just starting. Toby writes:

I’m also going to be drumming up interest in Crave Libraries, a new semi-secret project I’m brewing up with Daniel Nguyen. (A debt of gratitude is also owed to Jason Kucsma, who coined the phrase and has graciously allowed us to run with it. Jason, look me up at ALA, as I owe you a cup of coffee at the very least.) We’re playing a few things close to the vest for the moment, but if you can track me down at the conference I might give you some buttons like the two above.

I’ll be standing by, Crave Libraries folks – I’m intrigued!