Less than Friendly Library Book Return 3

awful Library book return, originally uploaded by leeleblanc.

3 thoughts on “Less than Friendly Library Book Return

  • F Wong

    This picture includes a screen and directions that makes it looks like a return that could check in the item, so one item at a time in a position for scanning is the way it would process an item check in. Also, multiple items at the same time could jam any return.

  • Megan

    It’s a sign of bad and patronizing customer service and adds to libraries’ DMV-type of reputation. In one of the Chicago branch libraries I just saw a sign at the check out desk that read “DO NOT approach unless you are called upon.” Even if someone feels there is a need for such a sign, there are certainly better ways of phrasing it.

  • Theresa Hildebrand

    My library (West Suburban Chgo library) will have an Automated Materials Handling System in our new building which is set to open in February 2011. As the Circulation Dept. Mgr I will have the task of finding a good way to get this very information out to our patrons.

    I would not think of placing a sign like this on our lobby returns as staff will be on-hand to assist. However signage will be needed at our 24 hour Drive-Up drop-off. I’ll remember to keep our signage short & sweet.

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