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3 thoughts on “Future of Screen Technology

  • Brian Herzog

    My favorite part was when he stretched his device out to be 4x wider – the future will be awesome. But I wonder: if his device could do that, why will still need keyboards in the future? He could just stretch it out to keyboard width, and use it as a touchpad keyboard sync’ed up with that monster screen (also, flipping the image around so his coworker could see it was pretty neat). Even better if that device was the harddrive, and the screen thing was just a dummy screen that anyone sitting down could sync to. Once that technology is developed, I could easily see the bathroom mirror, car windshields, and just about anything else being used as a display for someone’s personal device.

    I’m also still waiting for projection displays so we don’t need screens or monitors at all – the device just projects the display upon a wall or even produces a 3D hologram. And I’m waiting for projection keyboards, where a light keyboard is projected in front of the device and lasers register where your fingers go.

    The one drawback to the future will be those bathroom mirrors that have built-in webcams.

  • marcus ericsson

    I am one of the concept designers for this video. I like your comment about the keyboard. I am personally not sure they are going away anytime soon, yes people will start to use awesome touch keyboards like the one you described but we wanted to keep the usual one in the video to see how people felt about it.

    As for the projected screens, two years ago we did a concept video about it, and about that time mobile phones started to have pico projectors in them so i believe it’s not the future… it’s already here! (of course mass adoption and prices is might not)

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