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From Central Rappahannock Regional Library comes this outstanding example of library video production that contains a serious, heartfelt message about libraries and the dedication of library workers in troubled times.

Wired writes:

For the record, we love libraries as much as the technological advances which now put libraries in your pocket. They are havens, sanctuaries, community centers and places where helpful people who are almost certainly smarter than you hang out just to help you. : No batteries are required for books need. They don’t need connectivity or special equipment to operate them.

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It’s incredibly witty, contains some wonderful dialogue and the background noise in the busy library scenes is a wonderful detail. I applaud the folks that worked so hard on this love letter to library work and serving users in 2010.

Thanks to Lisa Varga, Incoming Executive Director, Virginia Library Association, for sending the Wired link my way.

5 thoughts on “Libraries Will Survive

  • Phil Bradley

    I’m in the very unusual situation of disagreeing with you on this one Michael. This is what I said in my comment on the video:
    “It was a fun and interesting video, and I applaud the work that’s gone into it. However, the message that I’m taking from it is that you can slash a library budget, reduce facilities, lay staff off and so on, and it won’t make any difference. Clearly NOT what you want people to take from this I assume. The fact is, that with cuts, reduced services etc. libraries WON’T survive & that’s the message we need to put across.”

    While it’s a great love letter, I don’t think it’s really addressing key concerns, and users (patrons!) are basically given the message ‘Tough, deal with it. Get your books back on time and everything will be ok.’ Clearly they won’t be ok, and I think the video missed a trick with that.

    I don’t want to come across all negative, because a lot of hard work and thought went into the making, and that should of course be applauded. It’s great to see librarians shouting/singing out what they do, and long may it continue.

  • Michael Post author

    Phil – I appreciate your thoughtful comment. I took the bit about getting books back on time as very tongue in cheek in the context of the story the video was telling. You know how I feel about an over reliance on our rules and policies. I also took away more of a sense that this piece is meant to show users (patrons!) what we do, how hard we work and in a subtle way encourage those folks to advocate and support libraries as more cuts are proposed. Maybe I was caught up in the high production value and the library staff giving it their all. 🙂

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