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I’m always watching for innovation in libraries for TTW Guest Posts, including interesting ideas and new practices. I’ll meet someone at a conference doing fascinating things, perhaps testing the waters in new areas, or read a thought provoking blog post, and I’ll often ask “Would you consider doing a TTW post?”  My hope is that by highlighting some new twist on what we do, we can get people to explore these issues.   I was pleased to see a comment show up on an older TTW post about Netflix use by libraries that lead to a recent one that has […]

The Graveyard

At my library, we recently started up a circulating video game collection.  Since we didn’t have a huge budget and we knew the collection was going to be rather small, we opted to go stark naked with security.  There’s also an amazing vibe here in Portland, Maine.  People really have a lot of trust in each other and everyone has a lot of faith in each other.  We put the games out on the shelf in the cases, did our best to monitor things, and went about our business at the library. Recently, we’ve had some stuff stolen.  Instead of […]

Extreme Library Twitter Makeover :-)

Good stuff: http://followalibrary.blogspot.com/2010/09/give-your-library-twitter-makeover-for.html Erin Logsdon (@taxonomylady) wrote a blogpost with some great tips how to give your library a twitter makeover for follow a library day. Having a complete profile (Location, Web, Bio) is important for two reasons. One, the text in these fields in keyword searchable, so it will help people find you if the information is complete and relevant. Two, people use the profile information as a contextual way of understanding who you are and the purpose of your Twitter account. Can they ask you a question via Twitter or do you only use the account to push […]