Are we ready?

Joshua Kim has a nice piece on reading with a Kindle:

But if Amazon is smart, and Bezos seems very smart to me, than I’m sure that the Kindle experience will continue to improve. We are not there yet, but the end of the future of the printed book format is in sight. The printed book will continue to live on, as either a high-end speciality item (as a tactile object and work of art) and a low-end mass market item, but the center for the printed book cannot hold. By the time my kids are both in college (2017), the majority of new book sales will be digital.

Is your campus ready for this transition?

Universities, K-12 and libraries are all grappling with this question of transition. I’m excited to see what happens.

My reading has changed with the Kindle app on my iPad as well as Instapaper. I’m also having a bit of technolust about adding the new Kindle to my options for e-reading. 🙂