Thanks Geneva Public Library! 3

I had scheduled a talk at Geneva Public Library’s Staff Institute Day months ago – and the “Cooper Incident” changed everything. We were able to work out a good plan: I spoke to the group today for an hour via Skype about some library trends. We showed off Skype as a technology, I got to see the group, they got to see me and Cooper made his presence known with some barks. Thanks to all!

The slides are here:

3 thoughts on “Thanks Geneva Public Library!

  • Miss Gin

    Thank YOU! The presentation was fun and a stellar way to showcase Skype for people who weren’t familiar with it yet. Although Cooper did almost upstage you 🙂

  • Michael Post author

    Miss Gin & Emily – Thanks for your kind words. I had a blast [resenting over the Skype. After so many weeks of little movement, it was nice to engage with your group.

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