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Portland Public Teen Library: 2010 Year In Review

Portland Public Teen Library: 2010 Year In Review on Prezi I’ve been thinking a lot about transparency this year.  It might have to do with  the term becoming a buzz word of some sorts, or maybe because the ongoing discussion concerning Wikileaks in news media.  A huge part of me, however, thinks that I came to the conclusion that as a public employee I have an obligation to inform my community about what I’m doing.  Nonetheless, I approached creating a 2010 year in review for the Portland Public Teen Library with this idea in mind. Here’s the full annual report […]

The Workshop: RIP!

Don’t miss this post by David Wedaman: http://wedaman.wordpress.com/2010/12/02/the-workshop-r-i-p/ Library and IT staff pretty much have one tool in the tool box when they set out to help faculty come to grips with a new application or service. The Workshop. I’ve been associated with Library and IT Workshops for faculty for a long while, and I’ve noticed them sliding away from relevance. And attendance. It could be that Workshops never were a very great vehicle for anything, and I’m only now noticing it. If it’s true they never were a very great learning vehicle yet we rolled them out continuously and […]

Interview with Michael Edson

A New Digital Presence: The Smithsonian Commons from NavigationArts on Vimeo. One of the most original, articulate thinkers in museums, Michael Edson offers so many insights into the power of the Commons model. Give this video a view – you’ll surely be inspired for what the future holds for digital collections and user involvement.