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From the minds of Jan Holmquist (representing Denmark), Andromeda Yelton (representing the USA), and Ned Potter (representing the UK)…

Click here to go to the Buy India a Library blog!

…comes Buy India a Library, a project started by librarians to fund a library in India via Twitter.  Head on over to their blog for more information on the project and learn about how you can help them accomplish their awesome goal!

What an awesome project and a wonderful team.  I’ve been lucky to meet in person with Andromeda a few times and have many great discussions with Jan and Ned online.  Kudos to them for making it happen!

-Post by Justin Hoenke, Tame the Web Contributor

4 thoughts on “Buy India a Library

  • Ned Potter

    Hey Emily, I appreciate what you’re saying. Libraries in the UK and the US are being cut, so why spend our own hard earned library salaries on one in India? The reasons we figure this is worth doing are these:

    – It only costs 100 pounds – 100 pounds! – to set up a mobile library in India, to reach a part of the country which currently had no access to books. It costs 1,250 pounds to build an entire permanent library, kit it out with furniture and books and staff for TWO years! Neither of those amounts would make much of a dent on the UK/US library situation, but would make a huge, tangible difference in the poorer parts of India.

    – People have no real mechanism to give to libraries in the UK or US in the same way. Even if you had $5 you wanted to donate to a Philly library, how could you? We don’t think we’re taking money AWAY from any libraries from our own countries – we believe we will catalyse spending that wouldn’t otherwise happen.

    – Libraries are closing all over the place. Let’s open one and have some good news for a change!


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