No Balloons: “Serious Rule At The Yonkers Public Library” 2

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Via AL Direct:

I’m amazed that this is such a problem as to necessitate a laminated sign. I mean, I wasn’t planning on bringing any balloons inside…But it’s sort of a downer to know I couldn’t if I suddenly got the urge.


Read the comments as well:

t’s probably kids from the middle & high schools who created the need for the sign. I grew up about 10 minutes away and there was a tradition in my town of people bringing mylar balloons for you on your birthday for you to tie to your backpack. I could see some shenanigans ensuing with them at a library after school. Oh, and I’m also a librarian, so I think I am trained to forsee said shenanigans.

2 thoughts on “No Balloons: “Serious Rule At The Yonkers Public Library”

  • gs

    Could be that someone on staff has a latex allergy. My cousin’s latex allergy is quite severe and a popped balloon in her presence could cause anaphylaxic shock!

  • Matthew Ciszek

    I can’t speak for other libraries, but we had an issue a few years ago with abandoned balloons trapped in a high ceiling area setting off the alarm system at night as they lost buoyancy and drifted toward the floor. We turn off the receipt printers every night at closing due to a similar problem with sporadic advancing paper and the motion detection alarm system.

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