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Office Hours Extra: It’s About People Talking to Each Other

I’ve received some wonderful and challenging emails offering feedback about my column in “Office Hours” in Library Journal. A few folks keyed in to the statement I made in the first column: If the online world is not for you, then neither may be a career in librarianship. The most prevalent LIS jobs in the next few years will probably be ones where you’re not tied to your desk and you communicate well beyond the physical walls of the building. It’s not just students who should participate in this online world. Librarians must find their niche as well. Five years […]

More on the Video from Phil Bradley

References for the video from Phil Bradley by John Kirriemuir: http://use-libraries-and-learn-stuff.blogspot.com/2011/02/hitler-attempts-to-close-libraries.html In order of appearance in the video. Because librarians and information professionals like references 🙂 Save Doncaster Libraries Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries Day of action to save London’s libraries Isle of Wight library threats West Country – Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset – library cuts School libraries Covering the entire country Borrowing a library book recently… CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) Voices for the Library campaign group #savelibraries tweets And the press and those posters (Annie) Mauger, CEO of CILIP The Mayor (of Doncaster) Massive mobile library cuts in Hampshire Philip Pullman defends libraries