Fascinating and brilliant post by Sarah Glassmeyer. Please take a look:…..

I also think, that given the weak negotiating position that libraries are in, it’s too confrontational.  I think a better way would be to include the Rights and Responsibilities of all participants in the information consumption chain.   I’ll be thinking about this more and trying to fill in the pieces myself, but here’s a rough idea:

I see four principle players:  Information Consumers (patrons), Information Creators (Authors), Information Distributors (publishers, other vendors) and Information Guardians (I had a hard time coming up with a term for this…Information Maintainers, Information Collectors, Information Preservers, Information Farmers…nothing seemed to adequately cover all that libraries do. The parallels between farmers and librarians is another post for another day, but trust me it’s there.)  Information Consumers have the right to expect much of what was said in the eBook User Bill of Rights.  But they also have a responsibility to respect the Intellectual property of creators and distributors.  Information Creators and Distributors have a right to make money from the Information business.  But they also have a responsibility to engage in fair business practices. Information Guardians have a right to preserve, protect and reuse information (within the bounds of the other rules.)   It’s going to have to be a balancing act and everyone involved will have to give and take a little. Libraries cannot simply demand to be heard anymore.


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