Fun at the Library

Fun at the Library 2

Fun at the LibraryA few of my coworkers (Ruth, Erika, and Matt) had some fun this April Fool’s Day.  Check out the entire run of images here.

You know, there’s something to be said to working with people who come up with fun ideas.  Furthermore, there is many things to be said about working under leadership that allows/encourages this sort of fun creativity. Patrons/members/customers can sense when people like what they are doing, it makes a difference.

TTW Contributor: Mick Jacobsen

2 thoughts on “Fun at the Library

  • Jan

    I don’t have a picture but someone played an April Fool’s joke on us. We all know how much coworkers love it when someone leaves a treat in the lunchroom, right? And that whatever is left out it fair game? Yesterday someone left a bowl of wrapped candies in the lunchroom and we all took some thinking (as it was determined later) that the candies seemed to be stuck together a bit. That happens, right? Well when we were having lunch and I took a candy I realized it had shreds of glue from a glue gun on it! I turned the bowl upside down and nothing fell out! It took until lunchtime for us to realize that we’d been pranked! Whoever did this will be found out I’m sure.

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