Have You Found Us Yet? 2

Ellen Forsyth writes:

The Melbourne Museum wants to make it really easy for you to connect with them online. They have signs around the museum prompting you to connect with the via facebook, twitter, Flickr, YouTube or Foursquare. They also had signed advertising their free wifi. They also have a free ipad app Please touch the exhibit.

I like the way they prompt and do not assume that you know where to find them online.

2 thoughts on “Have You Found Us Yet?

  • Allison

    Thanks for sharing! Having been currently appointed to work on the social media team at my library, I have been looking for creative ways to advertise the launch of our new sites. This is a great example.

  • Peter Alsbjer

    In my opinion it would be even better if they had added signposts with the QR-tags for the url:s to the librarys webpages on Facebook, Twitter etc

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