Office Hours Meets UX in Library Journal 2

I’m honored to have written a combined Office Hours column with User Experience author Aaron Schmidt in the new issue of Library Journal:

UX thinking doesn’t have to be limited to specific courses, however. Core parts of the LIS curriculum can and should change as we review and update classes to reflect the focus on our patrons’ experiences. Reference and resource-based study can easily morph when taught through a UX lens. Take collection development, for instance—wouldn’t classes about collection development be richer and more productive when combined with thinking about building design and library programming? When LIS classes encourage cross-departmental collaboration, we’ll have new librarians ready to tear down the departmental silos prevalent in many libraries. Weaving a thread of holistic UX thinking throughout all of an LIS program’s learning outcomes and coursework—from planning library programs to ILS design—will enhance graduates’ skill sets.

It amazes me that Aaron and I wrote “IM Me” in 2005!

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  • Veronica Arellano

    I posted this question on the LJ comments section, but thought I’d repost it here for a variety of responses:

    Thanks for covering this topic! As someone who did not learn about effectively conducting focus groups or useability testing in graduate school, but wishes she had, can you recommend any good resources on these two topics? I know there is quite a bit written on these two topics, but I am just looking for one or two essential books or articles that will give me a solid foundation or at least some good background information.

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