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Pink on Games

“You must understand video games.  Seriously. You must. So if you don’t know a joystick from a jelly roll, spend some time getting up to speed on games played on computers, online, and on special devices such as Game Boys and Playstations. Ask your kid. Ask your neighbor’s kid. Or go into an electronics store such as Best Buy where the games are usually on display, and ask for a demo. You won’t regret it. And you may even become hooked.  At the very least, you’ll begin to understand the powerful new grammar, narrative pattern, and thinking style these games […]

SJSU SLIS: Seminar: Participatory Service & Emerging Technologies (Updated)

Note: This is an updated version of the “green sheet” I just submitted for review – it is a DRAFT until approved. Course Description Course Overview “The new tools provide powerful options for working with data, text, sound, and images. …. There is, predictably, an increasing departure in information handling from the simple pattern of read, think, then write. Computers are used for so much more than the traditional notion of “computing.’” –Michael Buckland, Redesigning Library Services, 1992 Library scholars have noted the ongoing impact of technology on libraries and have called for a redesign of services to meet the […]

This is a Call

“The time is now,” I keep telling myself. Let me tell you why. It’s been almost five years since I fell into being a teen librarian. I was working toward my MLS at Clarion University when I was approached to do some summer teen programming at the Clarion Free Library in Clarion, PA. Their proposal was simple: do stuff for teens, buy some cool books, and get them into the library. I was a one-person team tasked with pretty much creating a library for these oft-forgotten patrons. I did it, and the teens were happy, but I realized at the […]