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Emerging Trends & Emerging Technologies – Slides from NJLA

  For my interview at SJSU and for my recent Trends & tech talks, I’m framing the discussion around the four thematic areas above. The slides from my Trends talk at New Jersey Library Association expand on the areas – I cannot believe I haven’t posted them: I will be using this framework as I prep for my Participatory Service classes this fall.          

Bright Future for Info Professionals

Summing up attending SLA (but it could be said for any conference that engages, inspires and sends you home charged up), Bruce Rosenstein writes: “Whether you participate in person or online, or during or after the conference itself, the big takeaways for me are that the future can be bright for information professionals who find the proper mix of the technological and the personal, and who can apply the human touch (including Prusak’s admonition about using good judgment) while taking advantage of relevant tools. All of this is hard work that demands creativity and perseverance. SLA members and other […]

Don’t Miss: Using WordPress as a Library Content Management System

                                    I am thoroughly enjoying this issue of  Library Technology Reports by Kyle M. L. Jones and Polly Alida-Farrington. Read the first chapter here to get a taste of the useful, practical and engaging work. Kenley Neufeld and I have an interview in the issue concerning WordPress as an LMS for course management. There’s also an extended version here and a TechSource post about the early stages of the project here. The guest sections include an excellent article on utilizing WP to enhance the user experience by […]

Please Welcome Our New TTW Contributors

I have long agreed with Jessamyn West’s take that we should use “our online powers for good.” One way I try to do this is by highlighting unique, original and not often heard voices here at TTW. I realized I hadn’t announced two new members to the TTW family of contributors: Ben Lainhart & Carrie Straka. Please welcome them and watch for their future posts. Here are their bios: –Ben Lainhart Professional Interests: Ben recently graduated with an MLIS from Drexel University’s iSchool where he spent a lot of time thinking about social media and digital libraries and how they […]

Worldwide Library 2.011 Conference – Call for Presentations and Involvement

Join the Global Conversation The Library 2.011 conference presents a unique chance to participate in a global conversation on the current and future state of libraries. The conference will be held online November 2-3, 2011, inmultiple time zones and languages and is free to attend! This is the official call for presentations. Subject Strands There are six subject strands including the changing roles of libraries in today’s world, digital age learning cultures, and changes in accessing and organizing information. To view the complete list of conference strands, click here. Presentation Proposals Presentations shall be noncommercial and between 20 and 60 minutes including Q&A. Sessions will be […]

TEDxPrincetonlibrary: Andromeda Yelton “How to Build 5 Libraries in One Month”

Here’s Andromeda Yelton‘s TEDx talk from this past June at Princeton Public Library in New Jersey.  In 6 minutes and 31 seconds, Andromeda talks about how her and a gang of librarians (see below) earned enough money to build a library in India and then raise enough for 100 extra books, a newspaper subscription, and then, to top it all off, 4 bo0kmobiles in Africa.  All of this, might I add, was done through Twitter/Blogging/Social Media. I was lucky enough to be part of the gang of librarians I mentioned above.  Much love to the work of Andromeda, Ned Potter, and […]