“Bummer” – Hadn’t Posted a Library Sign in a Long Time but…Wow! 5

Via Steven W. Anderson at Web20Classroomhttp://twitpic.com/68dvkd














I wondered on Twitter in reply: might loud and messy make for a more engaging, student-centered Media Center?



5 thoughts on ““Bummer” – Hadn’t Posted a Library Sign in a Long Time but…Wow!

  • Stephen

    Lordy – It would be a smaller sign if they just listed what ‘media’ was allowed in the Media Center!

  • steven v. kaszynski

    I tweeted with Buffy, Janie H, Pat Sweeney, and others about this. Just poking fun, of course. But what I really wanted to do was learn the actual location of this media center that bans most media and contact the person who put up the sign. I want to have a conversation about it. Was the librarian pressured? Maybe. That person has his/her reasons. I can’t imagine a great reason, but, in any case, I would really like to have that conversation.

  • Michael Post author

    Steven – I agree there’s probably more to the story. At a Media Center in Texas, the librarian told me her rules had come down from the district. For the pic above, Steven Anderson wanted the location to remain unknown because he was giving a talk there.

  • Tracey Thompson

    How sad. We are in the process of removing most of our signs and seriously considering what we really need. Do we really need a sign pointing to the print station? You reach a point of saturation with signs, and people stop reading them. Oh now I am going to have to listen to the Tulsa version of “Signs signs signs.” We are removing all ‘no’ signs as part of our initiative to make the library a more inviting and welcoming space.

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