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Aaron Schmidt shares a quote http://www.imediaconnection.com/article_full.aspx?id=30267 by way of John Gruber:

People will not adopt a technical solution that serves to replace a manual task, if that solution is less efficient than the manual task it replaces. How could we think that QR codes for marketing would work any better than CueCat? Did we not learn the first time?

Click through and read Sean X Cummings full article – he offers some interesting ideas for making QR codes useful.

My question – has any library or information organization actually researched successful use and adoption?

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  • Alison Hicks

    Hi Michael,
    My colleague, Caroline Sinkinson and I gathered some statistics from our QR project at the University of Colorado. We just published our findings in the latest (51:1) edition of RUSQ: http://rusa.metapress.com/content/lw483m72gp260173/?p=1bb06dc062774ecb8aa9d5d9106f46ee&pi=11

    We found that use of QR codes was steady, if not spectacular. The University of Huddersfield (Uk) also did some studies on recognition of QR codes etc and found growing awareness. This semester we expanded our project to include librarian information in the stacks, so we’re continuing to track statistics. Overall it *seems* that we have more user awareness of our services, though whether that it is to do with QR codes or the new posters it’s hard to tell. However as our goal was to improve awareness and use of our services rather than user interaction with a new technology, we were pleased with the results so far. But we’ve tried not to go crazy with QR codes, and we’re very open to modification/changes in our implementation so I appreciate the ongoing discussion 🙂

  • Kristel Kerstens

    Hi Michael,
    Bibliotheeknetwerk Zuid-Holland Zuidoost (the Netherlands) has developed a QR treasure hunt for the Media Awareness Week in November. The QR quest leads visitors on a modern way through the library. To find the answers participants will have to look for books, use the search engine, visit our Facebook, etc. For more information, please contact me.

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