Policy Changed! 3

The new director at Jenny’s home library emails to inform me that new books may be checked out as soon as they arrive on the New Books shelves. I’ve been using Jenny’s pics of these signs in my talks for a few years.

3 thoughts on “Policy Changed!

  • Stephen Abram

    About time! Now this stops being a story about silly, user-vicious library policies that place hurdles in front of a great user experience and becomes the story about the positive ipact of a change in leadership. Maybe they can just display the dust covers of new acquisitions like a normal library. Yay.

  • Joe Sipocz

    They couldn’t check out new books when they were new (and when demand would be the greatest)? Deeply odd. Our Reference Staff at Main used to sit on books for 24 hours (so selectors could see what they bought and so staff could see what was new) – but that was 10 years ago.

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