SJSU Strategic Plan

This morning I’m reading over the 2017 San Jose State University Strategic Plan Vision 2017 document:

Here’s a snippet:


Word cloud: unique, sense, technology, learning, engaged,strong, sjsu, etc.


A Strong and Unique Sense of Place – SJSU has a strong and unique sense of place, both physical and virtual, with modern learning spaces, gathering places and technology infrastructure.  We create a welcoming, vibrant, and safe environment that fosters a sense of belonging and Spartan pride.

Unbounded Learning – SJSU is an innovative, engaged learning community committed to preparing students with adaptive skills and knowledge for a global 21st century.  Unbounded learning is facilitated by highly regarded faculty members actively engaging with students to provide a wide range of access to and delivery of learning content through in- and out-of- the classroom experiences.


  • “SPARTAN PRIDE” – Develop vibrant, safe and welcoming communities that create a sense of belonging and instill Spartan pride.
  • “UNBOUNDED LEARNING” – Enhance student success through continuous learning innovations.
  • “HELPING AND CARING” – Create a culture of helping.
  • “AGILITY THROUGH TECHNOLOGY” – Improve organizational responsiveness through an advanced technology infrastructure and by elimination of procedural obstacles.
  • “21st CENTURY SPACES” – Provide gathering spaces and up-to-date facilities.


SLIS participated in the town hall meetings that lead to this plan via an online meeting back in September. I am very impressed with the forward-thinking emphasis on technology as a means to extend the learning process.