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Good Twitter practice for libraries

I got these two direct messages via Twitter recently from two libraries who were acknowledging that I started following them.  They followed me back and then sent these messages. To me, these simple DM’s really warmed my heart and reinforced the idea that customer service is one of the most important things that we can focus on in libraries today.  It also acts as a great way to open up the conversation with our patrons. This is something I highly recommend that libraries practice when using Twitter.  It really can make our patrons feel welcome. -Post by Justin Hoenke,Tame the […]

DRAFT Syllabus for Transformative Learning

Transformative Learning and Technology Literacies (Thanks to Char Booth & Polly-Alida Farrington for invaluable assistance with this course) Course Description All information professionals will most probably be called upon to create or present some form of instruction in the scope of their jobs. Within information environments, this class explores models such as Mezirow’s concept of transformative learning, the USER model, and the Learning 2.0/23 Things program as well as developing concepts such as Jenkins’ transmedia navigation. Coursework answers these questions: How can we promote transformative learning via technology? How can we design instructional experiences that have high value for library learners? […]