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Take a look at Thomas Frey’s post about libraries:


Somewhere in the middle of this question lies the nagging fear and anxiety that we see brimming to the top among library insiders.

People who think libraries are going away simply because books are going digital are missing the true tectonic shifts taking place in the world of information.

Libraries are not about books. In fact, they were never about books.

One thought on “Futurist Thinking

  • Rick Thomchick

    I read some of Thomas Frey’s work last semester for my Disruptive Technologies course. I think his comment about libraries “never being about books” is debatable, but it’s fairly obvious that the library “brand” is now expanding rapidly, as evidenced by Frey’s list of the various media forms that libraries deal with today. I especially like the focus on community in his conclusion–to me, this is actually what libraries are and have always been about, and one of the few constants in our ever-changing world.

    One way that libraries can engage in their own futurist thinking is to develop a regimen of persistent forecasting. Using the Delphi method and other approaches can help libraries understand and prepare for what’s next–particularly for disruptive technologies that might alter or affect strategic planning. I think persistent forecasting is also a great complement to the Library 2.0 principle of frequent evaluation.

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