Exchanging business cards for library cards at the Portland Business Expo 2

The Portland Regional Chamber held its annual business expo on Wednesday, and booths included the usual: credit unions, hotels, sign shops, telecom companies, the Portland Public Library.

Attendance was light in the early afternoon, but began to pick up as …. — “Wait!” I know you’re all saying, astonished: “The Portland Public Library???!!

Sonya Durney, who is the Business and Government Librarian at my library just recently did something super awesome.  She took her show on the road the Portland Business Expo and talked to local small businesses about the benefits of using their local library.

Durney explained: “If we can help local businesses, it’s helping the community. It’s a very symbiotic relationship – the community thrives, the library thrives. Everybody’s happy.”

Click here for the full article and for the WONDERFUL photos our Business and Government Team took at the expo, click here.

-Post by Justin Hoenke, Tame the Web Contributor




2 thoughts on “Exchanging business cards for library cards at the Portland Business Expo

  • Anon

    Glad it works for someone. We’ve been doing this for a few years, but there’s never much interest in our booth or offerings. On the plus side, I found a good financial planner who also had a booth….

  • Neil Forrest

    That sounds wonderful!! helping small businesses..We also have a charity event where we offer free printing services to charities in exchange of small link on their website. We have managed to get about 70 charities in few months…

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