Monthly Archives: September 2012 My new column is up online at LJ for this month – I wanted double word count so we went with the virtual for this one. The column is all about my experiences at R-Squared: Over two days we explored creativity and curiosity, heard from keynoters such as Josh […]

Office Hours: Did You Miss the R-Squared Conference? It Was ...

Note from Michael: Mace’s post echoes my own thoughts about the R-Squared conference. The opportunities for learning, collaboration and engagement seemed so fresh and exciting at the conference as they did while cycling.  Cycling for libraries – one of infinite different ways to cooperate with colleagues A hypothesis: there are better, […]

Cycling for Libraries – A TTW Guest Post by Mace ...

Have you ever found yourself inside the library echo chamber? I think we all have.  You’ve got something great to share or say about libraries and you put it out there…and it’s only talked about by librarians and libraries.  Some great presentations and pieces have been written about the echo […]

Expanding The Conversation (by TTW contributor Justin Hoenke)

My new column is up: Scanning the recent news articles about the LFL movement reveals something else, too. More often than not, those interviewed acknowledge the sense of community and collegiality that grow up around the little libraries. From a Los Angeles Times piece on a local LFL: “It has turned […]

Office Hours: Little Free Libraries

Right now is our busiest time of the year. Last week was especially crazy. I hosted an author event featuring our One Book author Tony Horwitz (, I chaired a department meeting, co-chaired a cataloing meeting in prep for RDA, attended a House of Delegates meeting for our union, met […]

The Coolest Thing I Did on the Job Last Week ... (Click through for more and for the open ended answers to this question: What one thing can we do to accelerate learning and transformation in our libraries?)   Will we be most needed to help people consumer consume or create content? Answers Responses Percent Consume 90 35.20% Create 166 […]

Audience Polls from R-Squared