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Happy Holidays from TTW!

    I am very thankful for such a productive year and such a year of travel! I never dreamed I’d visit so many incredible places in 2012 to speak and share with library folk. To colleagues and friends of TTW everywhere – Happy Holidays!  Thanks to all for the inspirations and all the wonderful opportunities to learn. We’ll see you in the new year.

Terminology for Library Peeps – A TTW Guest Post by Valarie Kingsland

Since beginning SLIS classes, I’ve become curious about the labels librarians use for people who use the library or its services.  When the issue came up again this semester, I set up an informal poll to get some feedback.  I appreciate everyone who shared it, voted and left comments!  You may view it online, but here is a summary of the results. It would have been ideal to ask people using libraries as @infointuitive suggested, rather than library students and professionals, but I didn’t have access to that kind of audience.  So I decided to include background information in the poll to get an idea […]