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Thursday nights can be slow at my library (by TTW contributor Justin Hoenke)

Thursday nights can be slow at my library.  The teens have all gone home for the day, and the only ones that remain are the quiet few who are tearing through their homework or have their eyes focused on their internet browser.  Tonight at my library, the scene was the same but before me was a pretty huge question: My little brother locked me out of my iPod.  He’s five years old and he won’t tell me how to unlock it.  How can I start again?  Do I need to buy a new iPod? The teen was pretty bummed that […]

Self Service Library in Montreal

Lora Baiocco writes: I took this picture on the way to work and I thought you might be interested in a little free library initiative taking place in Montreal. I don’t have anything to do with the project but I think it’s very cool! It’s called Livre Service which translates to “Book Service” – but it’s also a play on “Libre Service” which means “self-service” – fun!