#TTW10 : A Space to Show It by TTW contributor Mick Jacobsen

Evan Monkey Bars
A poster displayed outside the DML.

I have written previously about Digital Media Labs and their ilk.  I have also been a small part of helping  a number of libraries starting media labs of one sort or another.

An aspect of DMLs that often gets lost in the shuffle of all the shiny hardware and expensive software is a place to display art.  This space can be a wall in the main lobby of the library for photos, slides, graphic design work and whatever else can be put on a poster.  A LCD screen or something that can be used to show films or a movie festival.  Don’t forget the interwebs!

The posting of digital media creations has been one of the biggest wins I have had in my career as a librarian.  The patrons are honored to be selected and excited to see their work as a poster/on a movie screen and on the LIBRARY website.

We are planning to start using our catalog to bring even more attention to these works in the near future.

Make sure you create a space for your library patrons to display their works as well as create and curate it.