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23 Mobile Things: Join the Australian / New Zealand Course

I am super excited about this – just heard from Mylee Joseph that 500 AUS/NZ new professionals have signed up.  This is free learning folks created by library folk! http://anz23mobilethings.wordpress.com http://librariesinteract.info/2013/04/12/23-mobile-things-join-the-australian-new-zealand-course/ So what is the NZ/Australian Cohort for 23 Mobile Things all about?  Read on. What are the 23 Mobile Things? Twitter Taking a photo with a mobile device:  Instagram / Flickr app / Snapchat eMail on the move Maps and checking in: Foursquare Photos + Maps + Apps: Historypin / What was there / Sepia Town Video: YouTube and screencasts Communicate: Skype / Google Hangout Calendar QR codes Social reading: RSS […]