Because those ideas are out of date? #bookgate 4


Note: This post has been updated with Carol’s updated percentages!




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Barbara Fister writes about the kerfuffle at Insider Higher Ed:

4 thoughts on “Because those ideas are out of date? #bookgate

  • Carol

    Apologies, but the numbers I tweeted were inaccurate. The data was provided in non-sortable PDF format, and I missed a paging irregularity. A better estimation of the weeding percentages is now on Twitter w/ hashtag #bookgate The percentage of 100s class that was weeded is closer to 35%, rather than what is reported above.

  • Chris

    Why is this national news? From what I’ve read, the situation was not managed well by the Director but we honestly don’t know the whole story. For someone to take to Twitter with multiple tweets intended to do nothing other than make another person look bad (what other intent is there here?), in my mind, makes the person tweeting this information appear vindictive. If you don’t agree, how about that hyperbolic hashtag? Is this event really of a level of gravity that merits a comparison to Watergate?

  • Paisley

    I think this is a big deal, because it involves one person making a decision that affects thousands of citizens and the tax money they have paid. Think of how many administrators make decisions like this and never get called out.

    I’ve read the UFL’s apology and FAQ page, so I believe I’ve heard their side of the story. There is an admission that they made mistakes, but this is not just a mistake–it’s a major error in judgment. This should be used as a case study for collection development (or management?) courses.

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