If you like it, put a badge on it.

From #hyperlibMOOC student  Megan Egbert. What do badges at Meridian Library District mean for professional development?

Megan writes:

We are piloting a program that would use digital badges to increase staff member’s professional development and ongoing education participation. The badges act not only as incentive, but also as a visual reminder of completion. We are using Credly to design and award badges which allows for anyone to award anyone else a badge. So in addition to competences that can be demonstrated to earn a badge, peers can also award them for performance. The program is designed using a Google site discussion page for communication so any staff member can post a learning opportunity when they see one, then a badge will be designed for it and awarded to those who participate. We are pre and post surveying the participants to see if this does increase the amount of learning and exploring they do. I’m happy to take any questions/suggestions at megan@mld.org or Twitter. @meganegbert