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#hyperlibMOOC at MOOCs in Libraries Symposium, Toronto

Greetings from the Pushing the Envelope in Education: Roles for Libraries — MOOCs, eLearning & Gamification Symposium in Toronto! It’s been an incredible event centered on sharing ideas about learning in our ever-evolving world. I was honored to present today about #hyperlibMOOC with SJSU SLIS Director Dr. Sandy Hirsh and my co-instructor Kyle Jones, who both Skyped in to be with us. Dr. Hirsh’s slides: for slides please Contact Michael My slides: Intro to the Hyperlinked Library MOOC:  for slides please Contact Michael #HyperlibMOOC Toolkit for Student Success: for slides please Contact Michael Kyle’s slides: for slides please Contact Michael THANK YOU to […]

Office Hours: The LIS/Library Divide

My new “Office Hours” column is up: http://lj.libraryjournal.com/2013/09/opinion/michael-stephens/bridging-the-lislibrary-divide/ Other professions (though not journalism) have strict continuing education (CE) requirements. CE, mostly carried out by consortia and state or national associations, is not as formalized for us. Consider this another call for professional development “with teeth.” Professional librarians should be expected to be always adding skills and knowledge as part of their duties. Formalizing a rigorous process says we mean business. Wafting through a few conference sessions, sitting with a group for a webinar over the lunch hour, or spending a desk shift doing “professional reading” should yield to more active […]