News: Jen Waller, Miami Ohio Librarian, and Google Glass

Visions of the future:

Waller was one of 8,000 “glassholes” selected to be among the first to play with the new gadget, with the winning tweet: “MT @glennplatt: #ifihadglass my students and I would show that learning is everywhere. We’d help lead our university redefine higher ed.”

An innovation grant from the Miami University libraryfunded Waller’s purchase, but the Glass is hers to use, according to Library Coordinator of Strategic Communications Peter Thorsett.

“The innovation grants allow employees to play around with new ideas like this,” Thorsett said. “We like to encourage that kind of work.”

Though the Glass belongs to Waller, she spends a great deal of time sharing it with students and using it as a teaching tool in the classroom, as she promised to do in her tweet.

“I’m really interested in privacy and sharing and I like using this device to teach about it,” Waller said. “Our lives are richer when we share. Online support groups and image sharing are examples of this. With Glass, all photos taken are automatically uploaded to Google Plus, so it’s a good tool to talk about these things.”

Waller has been speaking in Interactive Media Studies (IMS) classrooms and allowing students to try out the technology for themselves.

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Learning can happen anywhere via our mobile devoices and wearable technology. This is no longer the future, folks.

Kudos to Jen! Click through to read the whole article. I love that Jen is encouraging this type of experimentation and play with her students!