Office Hours: Stacking the Deck

My new column is up at Library Journal:

Have you read about the “Full-Stack Employee?” In a think piece published in Medium, author Chris Messina—the creator of the hashtag, no less—offers this definition: “the full-stack employee has a powerful combination of skills that make them incredibly valuable. They are adept at navigating the rapidly evolving and shifting technological landscape. They make intuitive decisions amidst information-abundance, where sparse facts mingle loosely with data-drenched opinions.” It’s a tech-heavy take, but bear with me, as Messina broadens the definition: “Full-stack employees have an insatiable appetite for new ideas, best practices, and ways to be more productive and happy. They’re curious about the world, what makes it work, and how to make their mark on it.”

Maybe you’ve interviewed these types or hired them. Maybe you’ve watched a longtime employee evolve into a full- stack powerhouse. If you haven’t encountered them, I’d argue you soon will, especially as new grads in tech-oriented library and information programs come looking for positions. As buzz-wordy as this pancake-invoking moniker seems to be, I believe the description merits some consideration as we examine our evolving workforce.

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