Heading to Colorado! See You There

I leave tomorrow trip to the Colorado Association of Libraries Annual Conference where I will be doing a keynote address. I am super excited to attend the conference as well instead of swooping in just to talk. If you are attending, please say hi. See you in Loveland!

Here’s the abstract for my talk:

Emerging technologies are changing the way we live and learn. Libraries can play a key role in this future. Information is no longer bound to a form or a place. The library and resource center that builds value and thrives will be fluid enough to anticipate and quickly respond to new technologies and user expectations. The hyperlinked library is welcoming, participatory, and incorporates user input. 

The hyperlinked library is human, and its communications, externally and internally, are in a human voice. It is a playful model emphasizing collections and spaces that evolve via user and staff participation in a transformational anytime, anywhere service dynamic. Imagine the evolving hyperlinked library as a creation space, community space, anything space. Imagine this library available everywhere via mobile devices and tablets. Imagine opportunities for user learning supported and facilitated by librarians. How will library services change with large scale, global learning and mobile classrooms in the palm of one’s hand? What skills will staff require? What does the library as creative classroom look like? What does this future look like going forward as we encourage learning everywhere as a means for transformative change for ourselves and our users. This session will explore new ideas and thinking about learning at the library.