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Office Hours: Library Emoji

My new column is up at Library Journal. The true title is the string of characters above. 🙂 Imagine if users could add emoji to the catalog, expressing their feelings about a book or movie with a range of emotion ideograms. Or having people rate their experience at a library program by sending attendees a link to the program after they attended, with emoji to represent their reactions. Talk about making feedback more fun! I saw this live at Grand Valley State University’s (GVSU) new library last year. On my way out of the Allendale, MI, building after a talk, a […]

Curiosity as a Prerequisite to LIS – A TTW Guest Post by Jessica D. Gilbert Redman

When I tell people about my studies in the LIS field, I often hear a few similar responses: “Oh, do they still need librarians with Google and ebooks around?” (Short answer: “Yes, of course!” Longer answer: “Library and information science is about more than searching Google and checking out books!” Longest answer: Well, perhaps you should just email me.) “What can you do with that?” (Answer: “What can’t I do with that?”) “Let me guess: you want to be a librarian because you like books, right?” To be honest, that last question really needs a longer answer, so here we go. […]