Call for Participation — Survey: Multilingual Research – How Do Scholars Manage Their Sources?


An IRDL colleague at the University of Colorado Boulder, Adam H. Lisbon, is conducting research on scholars and students who use non-English sources of information, but write their actual research papers and articles in English. It would be great if you could take a moment to participate in his survey:

Take the Survey:

A bit about the survey:

This survey investigates how multilingual scholars manage their sources for research, specifically:
  • Keeping track of non-English sources of information, such as their titles, publishers, and other information often found in citations and bibliographies. As well as…
  • Keeping track of the vernacular, translated, and transliterated information of sources.
There are many research articles detailing how scholars manage their sources, but the needs of multilingual researchers have yet to be explored. By participating in this survey, you will help inform the state of multilingual research, and possibly help advance the development of software supporting multilingual research needs.