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The Hyperlinked Public Library and Real Life – A TTW Guest Post by Marcia Brown

I come to this blog post with some concern in my heart. Deep in my heart I have a profound love and respect for public libraries. They are an essential part of any democracy. Access to libraries has increased over the history of democracies, and some who might not have had access in the past are now welcome. The maturity of civilization always seems to reveal itself as we become more inclusive through the growth of acceptance, the growth of respect, and the increasing understanding of the value of all human beings. Everything I’ve learned recently supports my devotion to […]

What’s in a Name?: Demonstrating Value Through the ACRL Framework by TTW Contributor Troy Swanson

The Information Literacy Framework from ACRL presents a nationally recognized set of skills that can be used to demonstrate the value of individual academic libraries and groups of libraries that want to benchmark learning. This is true for all types of libraries including community colleges. The representatives from regional accrediting agencies who reviewed the Framework recognized and supported this use for the Framework. Those who claim that the Framework does not fill a role similar to the rescinded Information Literacy Standards misrepresent or misremember how the Standards were used. The Framework follows current thinking for learning models that do not […]

Community Colleges and the ACRL Framework by TTW Contributor Troy Swanson

I am excited to share a link to an article I wrote in College & Research Libraries News, “Sharing the ACRL Framework with Faculty: Opening Campus Conversations.” Part of the reason that I put this article together is because I have heard from a few community college librarians who are concerned that the Framework does not work for 2-year colleges. They seem to be especially concerned that the Framework does not connect to career programs or developmental education. I have not found these concerns to be valid. My C&RLNews article linked above outlines a professional development course for faculty that I […]