Office Hours: Agents of Change

I must admit my eyebrows raised when one of my students in the Hyperlinked Library class shared a job description in our discussion devoted to emerging ideas and trends. Trenton Public Library (TPL), NJ, was looking for an “Innovation Catalyst Librarian.” The interest grew as my students dissected the duties and requirements, comparing their own experiences and suitability for such a position. I have seen a lot of cutting-edge job descriptions before, but this one was different.

Merriam-Webster defines a catalyst as “an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.” TPL was searching for “a passionate, creative, type-A professional who will be instrumental in helping lead our organization into significant and meaningful change!” This position, intended for a Librarian I, merits some consideration. Let’s unpack the duties and requirements. I’d argue that in ten years (or less) this type of job will be the norm for incoming employees, of the full stack persuasion and beyond.

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