Interview with Jutland Station

I was honored to be interviewed fro Jutland Station while at Next Library 2019 in Aarhus.

So, I think that the most important challenge we are facing in libraries now is ensuring we are open and welcoming for everyone. The world has changed so much in the last few years. We need to make sure our services meet the needs of those who might visit the library to feel safe. Those who need access to information and services that may help them get on solid ground in their lives. The underserved and the invisible should feel welcome and encouraged in our spaces, both physical, virtual and across the community itself.

And every voice should be heard. Every story told.

In the States, so many things are driven by fear right now. I hope that changes. Libraries can push back against fear with the power of free information and a space that says no matter who you are, you are welcome.

Challenged but not dying, the public libraries are more relevant than ever