Search Results: "slj summit" This is a pretty bold person. She’s not going to let any native take over the technology, because she’s a leader, an information leader. She hijacks classrooms when the substitute is there. There are never enough lesson plans, so she is able to cover things that she’s been trying […]

SLJ Summit: David Warlick on Diane Chen

(I’m a fanboy!) David’s son at college: still carrying on text conversations. It’s not the machine, it’s the information he’s engaged in. Kids are talking, working toward a goal, collaborating and then they come in our schools and WE CUT THEM OFF. Kids think everything should be clickable. What […]

SLJ Summit: David Warlick in the School Library 2.0 Group

Today, I head downtown to participate in the School Library Journal Leadership Summit. In preparation, participants and speakers have grown a wiki of discussion questions, links and insights. Take a look at the School Library 2.0 page and don’t miss Diane Chen’s incredible lists of SL2 links: I really […]

SLJ Summit: On Trust, Technologies & 2.0 Thinking

Michael Casey reports this am that the entry for Library 2.0 is up for deletion at Wikipedia: I’m amazed really, especially after recent professional journal articles hereand here, the SLJ Summit focus on School Library 2.0, and the fact I have students writing about it in my classes! Please […]

L2 Entry at Wikipedia to be Deleted