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Roy Tennant Inspires

Here’s that quote I alluded to in the TTW Podcast: ?Learn all the time without even thinking about it. We are born to learn, but somewhere along the way many of us pick up the idea that we must be taught in order to learn. We think that if someone doesn’t stand up in front of us and talk to us with either a chalkboard or PowerPoint slides, we cannot learn. We must regain our sense of wonder and our desire to learn.? Thank you, Roy Tennant.

Tech-Savvy Administrators

Oh Librarian in Black! You said it! How?? Be involved on technology listservs.? Read the “tech” sections of library publications.? Read some good library technology weblogs or online publications.? That’s where the good ideas have been coming form as of late.? Administrators don’t have to know every little thing about technology, but at least (pleeeeeease) be familiar with it and discuss it with your staff.? If you don’t, you are turning a blind eye to a huge area of librarianship.? And your staff will know.? Believe me. Sarah also states that admin do not have to live and breathe tech […]

Training with the Branch Heads (Library Administrators Please Read)

I am a tech trainer librarian at heart folks. Probably always will be. Those moments of turning people on to new ways to get information or do their jobs when the “AHA” sparks in their eyes. Yes indeed. Yesterday I did a 2 hour session for our branch librarians at the request of their supervisor — the Coordinator of Extension Sevices at SJCPL who consistently rocks my world with her forward thinking and insight. She IMs. She reads a whole bunch of LIS Blogs via RSS and comments on posts with me time to time. She has an iPod! She […]

The BALANCED Librarian (Updated)

* scitech library question linked to my 12 Things and 6 Things and makes a point that I didn’t in my writing… When all of “it” comes at us at such a relentless, never-ending pace, we need to find downtime for processing, without feeling guilty that we will miss something, an important post on one of the 225 blogs we monitor daily. The downtime consideration is perhaps the one thing Michael might consider including in his lists. Without downtime, burnout sneaks up and bites us hard. Oh, and of course, some consideration must be given to our lives away from […]

Circulating Digital Content

This weekend the South Bend Tribune reported that my hometown library has jumped into the digital content arena by aligning with Recorded Books in a $10,000 contract. The service, the paper reports, gives patrons access to 500 titles. “Patrons will be able to download the books to their home computers and then load them into any of the small media players that are Windows-based. Patrons also will be able to go to the library and download books onto their MP3’s or similar players.” Here’s their site: There are choices now for this type of content: Audible, Recorded, OverDrive. My […]

Techie Circulation Job at SJCPL

I’ve been at SJCPL almost 14 years and I’ve seen a lot of changes. We just posted the Head of Circulation job and it really strikes me how much this particular job has “shifted.” The Job description is here. Lok at these excerpted techie duties: 4. Develop and maintain circulation training materials for system-wide use and oversee training procedures of all new Circulation staff. 5. Manage Innovative/Millennium circulation products systemwide, including recommending new products, working to implement software and hardware changes, helping to develop training and communicating changes to library staff. 9. Evaluate trends in circulation services and recommend policy […]

Twelve Techie Things for Librarians 2005 (Updated)

In lieu of looking back at 2004, I thought I’d look ahead at some things librarians need to be aware of as we move into the middle of the decade. These are the things I would want a knowledgeable, tech savvy staff to be aware of and consider for their libraries. In strategic planning, long range plan meetings and the like I would hope an “in the know” librarian at the table could speak about these things. These are culled from various blogs, presentations, discussions and pondering. For your consideration: User-Centered Technology Planning “Technology is a is only a […]

Having Fun (VIA Weblogg-ed)

This resonates with me this morning while I pack to go to Texas and await a snowstorm: Will Richardson writes: Sometimes I really marvel at how fun this all is. It’s fun to: be almost constantly learning, not only by pushing my limited envelope with the tools but reading and thinking about intruiging ideas from really smart people. watch the tools evolve in ways that teachers and students can put them to good use without spending hours and hours to master them. be a part of a really amazing community of educators who are constantly challenging me. have an […]