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On Emergence….

This quote spoke to me. Beyond the techiness — strip that away — you get a good message we could apply to the development of many library initiatives. The harder we tighten things down, the less room there is for a creative, emergent solution. Whether it’s locking down requirements before they are well understood or prematurely optimizing code, or inventing complex navigation and workflow scenarios before letting end users play with the system, the result is the same: an overly complicated, stupid system instead of a clean, elegant system that harnesses emergence. Keep it small. Keep it simple. Let it […]

TTW Mailbox: BiblioDating

Kate the Hoosier Librarian writes: A friend of mine is going to do a speed dating program at her library in North Carolina in a couple weeks, and we’re trying to figure out if she is the first in the U.S. to do this. Have you heard of any other U.S. libraries doing this? I searched a couple of library literature databases and only found mentions of the program in Leuven. The program is listed on their June 2006 Calendar of Events. Kate Hmmm..speed dating at the library! Could be fun and the library could offer folks that make […]

Scott Brandt is Too Sexy

David King has remixed Scott’s rap from the Dead Tech session at CIL2005 and I’ve already loaded it on my iPod Shuffle! Don’t miss this one… maybe Greg can get Scott to do an unplugged version on Open Stacks!