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Gaming Gospel

Blyberg writes about gaming at AADL (and Eli!): AADL’s Gaming initiative “is one of those programs that I still shake my head at in disbelief, because it has been such a staggering success born out of such unorthodox ideas. If you’re looking for evidence that the role of today’s libraries is changing, look no further. That’s what we need more of, folks, unorthodox ideas in the library. The return on this investment? It’s precious: And that’s what draws in the kids. They come in knowing that they are going to be part of something big. These tournaments are their opportunity […]

Blogger’s Alley

Crystal from Kansas City Public Library just asked “Where do I find the list of bloggers in the back row?” Here goes: Aaron: Walking Paper Chad: Hidden Peanuts Chris: Clam Chowder Jenny: The Shifted Librarian Kelly: Library web Diva Michael TTW AND: The Technorati Tag:


In the grand tradition of Abram-isms: “We need to stop thinking we are Information Priests and Priestesses…” “If you wrap something up in the mantle of training, you’re going to turn them off..give them short cuts instead…” “Nobody ever died of bad cataloging…” “We need to get over the fact that libraries are not the first place people go for information and never have been…we need to be something else.” On change in Libraries: “We need to appeal to different learning styles…” “IM is the way people are communicating today..we need to use it.” “Bring Digital Natives into your planning […]

On Gaming, Libraries, Librarians & the Future

I’m sitting in Blogger’s Alley, listening to George Needham from OCLC talk about gamers and libraries. But inside I’m marvelling at what is actually happening in this room, in Chicago, in December of 2005. This is a moment of watershed proportion. I truly believe that. These are the conversations that need to be happening – now. These are the services and technologies that need to find their way into our meeting rooms, online presence and into our catalogs. Can you imagine the future ILS that includes components of gaming environments? Can you imagine library signage and services developed for all […]

Les Gasser On Gaming in Libraries

Les Gasser, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, opened the Gaming in Libraries Symposium. This spoke to me: “Libraries need to adopt a new model of service: where we are stirring up society, enhancing learning and contributing to communities of practice. Gaming offers this: a way to learn and participate in open communities, how to interact with the world and collaborate….We need to move our services into gaming environments, virtual spaces, and out into the community.”