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Brian Kenney’s new piece in Publishers Weekly is on Maker Spaces: I love his take: What’s radical about maker spaces in libraries? Pretty much everything. Maker spaces are messy in a library world that values order, disruptive in a culture run by schedules, chaotic in a profession that did, […]

Maker Space Disruption – New PW Piece by Brian Kenney

(from TribLive, Pittsburgh, PA: Monessen residents soon will be able to borrow library books – at the laundromat. Jill Godlewski, children’s director at the Monessen Public Library, is planning to place several portable libraries scattered around town. Godlewski hopes to situate the wooden dispensaries once the weather clears. “The […]

Little Free Library coming to Monessen, PA (by TTW contributor ...

Monica Harris, a librarian from Oak Park, Illinois, recently posted a great article to the MakerSpaces and the Participatory Library group on Facebook about 3D printing and intellectual property in which Chris Anderson declared, “we’re going to get sued.” I wryly replied with a link to a Wired article that the lawsuits had […]

Makerspace Lawsuits – A TTW Guest Post by Rick Thomchick