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Frank Haulgren, Collection Services Manager, ILL – Document Delivery  &  Assessment Cooridnator at the Wilson Library, Western Washington University writes: Hey Michael some of your readers may be interested.   Each quarter The Western Libraries sponsors a mid-term Study Break.  We set aside an hour and a half in the early evening and […]

TTW Mailbox: Favorite Places to Study

4 I am eager to get my hands on a copy of Brian’s new book. I think it may be a perfect fit for use in LIS768. I was glad to see his reflective post about the process: (emphasis mine) I am very grateful that ALA didn’t pressure me to […]

Marketing Today’s Academic Library by Brian Mathews

  On Friday, I asked a question: Made with I wanted to see what type of response I might get putting it into the form above. Three events in three weeks lead to this post. This kind of synchronicity always makes my trendspotting radar go off. First, I met […]

An Answer. Converged Devices, Barcodes & the Future

Productivity workstations as far as the eye can see, originally uploaded by julieshen. julieshen writes: This is the Cal Poly Pomona University Library’s brand new productivity center. It’s located next to the Reference Desk (now called the Research Help Desk), which shares space with staff providing technical help, and part of our new learning […]

Productivity workstations as far as the eye can see,,2274826,00.html Colleges and universities are on a similar learning curve. Today’s student population is more diverse, it demands e-learning and online resources including Web 2.0 technologies, and has higher expectations of physical space. Meanwhile, researchers and academics are calling for better access to digital resources. With so much information coming […]

Buildings need to Inspire