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One of my goals for the summer is to get a handle on Drupal. I’d like to incorporate it into LIS753 Internet Fundamentals and Design at Dominican. I’d like to assign workgroups the task of creating a library Web site with the OSS app. How’s the learning curve folks? I […]

Drupal and Libraries Michael Rogers — Library Journal, 4/22/2008 10:33:00 AM Equinox providing migration service, software configuration, consultation, and support Branch, Niles, and Traverse Area District Libraries will go live over the summer Evergreen created by Georgia Public Library Service for the Georgia PINES consortium The Michigan Library Consortium is going open source. The […]

Michigan Consortium Goes Open Source

Via LISnews:  There’s a “growing disconnect in what we’re being provided from commercial companies … and what libraries are starting to realize they need,” he said, but libraries aren’t blameless either: He believes they need to communicate more effectively the features and functionality they require. And just because it’s […]

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2 “Nicole’s passion for open source is inspiring,” says Joshua Ferraro, CEO of LibLime. “We’re excited to have Nicole fill this critical role of Open Source Evangelist, increasing awareness and facilitating education about open source in both the physical and virtual library communities.” “I honestly believe the future of libraries […]

Congrats to Nicole C. Engard, New Open Source Evangelist at ...