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Kyle Jones interviewed Kenley Neufeld and me for the new Library technology report from ALA TechSource: “Using WordPress as a Library Content Management System” by Kyle M. L. Jones and Polly-Alida Farrington. Here’s a snippet: KJ: You both work at institutions where you have some kind of formal learning management system. Why […]

BuddyPress, Libraries and Higher Education: An Interview with Kenley Neufeld ...

From The Go Librarians,  Steven V. Kaszynski writes: Everybody loves ALA’s classic celebrity READ posters. And for good reason. Multi-age, culturally relevant celebrities inspiring multi-age people to read books and get literate. They’re popular and possibly even effective. Still, the READ poster is alone in its work. It wants […]

What Are Words For? from Steven V. Kaszynski

I have a new post up at ALA TechSource: It’s too early to gauge impact. Ed Baig of USA Today asked Lee Rainie at Pew about the low numbers and Rainie replied: “The overall number of users of location services is likely to grow over time as new services […]

Geosocial Locations and Libraries

1 Excerpt: What I appreciate the most about this project is their main goal is educating people about the benefits of following a library on Twitter. The group is aiming beyond our little online world of librarians and library folk and I think we should help them. What better way […]

Follow a Library Day at ALA TechSource MS: The connection between libraries and museums gets clearer and clearer to me, especially after my speaking trip to Germany. At our Stammtisch evening, I spent a long time chatting with a museum employee. Her take was this: “We have 30 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention. We can’t […]

Interview with Smithsonian’s Michael Edson at ALA techSource

Justin and the 8bit tat he got at Annual, originally uploaded by The Shifted Librarian. One of the highlights for my very brief time at ALA Annual in DC was having lunch with Justin Hoenke, He writes for TTW as a Contributor, blogs at 8BitLibrary and other blogs, and was […]

Justin and the 8bit tat he got at Annual