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SJCPL IM Reference Expands to Audio Visual

This is in the works for the library’s Sights & Sounds department! Direct IM capability to find out if music, movies or audiobooks are available. I’ll be training a bit with the staff before they go live. I was tickled to see we are on the right track when I saw Jenny’s post about Lansing Public Library and their multiple screen names. “Kelli wrote, ?Our library is on 2 levels, so we have separate screen names for different age groups. AskLPLAdult, AskLPLTeen, AskLPLYouth?(we’re on Yahoo & AOL).? She went on to note that a few weeks ago, they received IMs […]

IM solving VR Woes

Good stuff here: So here are some of the pros and cons (for our particular situation), and my general questions . . . Pros it’s saves several thousands of dollars a year ? it’s free! it works ? bonus! no messy setup or clunky interfaces; uses a medium that many/most students are already familiar with ability to create customized ‘queues’ per subject or librarian for things like subject pages (simply create an appropriate and different screen name for that purpose), which with VR software can cost around $3000 per librarian it’s ‘disposable’: one thing that really bothers me about […]

Proofreading and Correcting: Librarian Style

Oh Lipstick librarian – your insight slays me this am concerning librarians and their need Okay; it’s one thing to be corrected when giving a paper or a speech, or even in a blog entry, but in a casual e-mail?? That little incident crystallized what exactly irks me about socializing with librarians: our incessant–nay, obsessive need to correct others. No matter what the situation or who’s involved, we can never let pass the opportunity to be right, no matter how picayune the mistake or perceived mistake (in this instance it was a grammatical controversy of the actor/actress ilk). No […]


After working at a branch yesterday for a Sunday shift I stopped to get gas at the grocery store/gas station/Starbucks complex up north of town. As I was pumping the petrol, my phone signaled I had a text: “I see you getting gas…” It was like a movie! I suddenly felt like the whole world was watching me and I hadn’t known. “Who is this?” I replied. (Here’s where every stalker thriller I’ve ever seen played out in my head..) Turns out, it was my colleague Maire from SJCPL who does our Web Development. She was getting coffee and thought […]