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Ten Things a Blogging Librarian Must Do (an exercise in common sense)

Cite your sources. Link to them. It’s what this Web and blog thing is all about. Post often but have something to say. I’d rather read one or two super good posts than multiple posts that someone puts up because they feel they have to. I’ve done that here. I used to post everyday, but now I focus on what’s really interesting me and what I can comment on. However: make the commitment though to follow through. It pains me to see a new blog go up, get listed here and there and then never hear from it again. Blogging […]

I’m all about the ROI

Nice! (Still going through 100+ RSS entries in my aggregator) RFID in Libraries has this excellent post on the ROI (return of investment) of RFID in libraries that includes details on calculating a pretty exact ROI. Simply, it’s not just an investment of X-thousand dollars and you are up and running. It’s all the pieces: staff time, etc. Read this one and apply it to any and all new technology initiatives your library is considering! (and check this out as well: Another ROI Tool) Thanks Laura! UPDATE: Aaron gets it to. read his overview of adding technology based services here.